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Your reliable intensive care and cardio pulmonary
resuscitation service at home supported by doctors.
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Taken care of in the best possible way – by means of heart and expertise

’’The patient is the center of attention with us. We prepare our care of the patient in order to relieve the families and enable patients to have independent life to a great extent’’. 

Home care service Medicus24 was established in 1998 by Dr med. Orhan Karahodza.  Even during his studies, this doctor, born in 1969, was driven to apply his knowledge in practice. ’’I love people’’, said this specialist in internal medicine. This Bosnian in origin, who was forced to flee during the Balkan war, had to work hard for everything.   He paid for his medical studies by working long night shifts as an assistant in nursing services at local hospitals. In addition, this married father of one daughter and one son feels that he won a valuable gift: ’’I am trying to give back something’’, he said. ’’Those who come to Medicus24 either as patients or members of family are entitled to comprehensive discussion’’.

„The best medical technology and care techniques may provide primary care, but interpersonal contacts and time dedicated to patients are more important, because they can make the day worth living’’.

At Medicus24, in addition to medical qualifications and nursing skills, great emphasis is given to the method of dealing with people. Medicus24 is the only service in the country operating under management of a medical specialist.  Orhan Karahodza takes his task very seriously. He visits his patients at least on a monthly basis, relying on cooperation ’’I am not a substitute for a treating doctor, I am a supplement’’, he emphasized. In contrast to the family doctor, Medicus24 is available 24 hours. 


Dr med. Orhan Karahodza, specialist in internal medicine 

  • Career 
  • 1993–1999  Studies Humana Medicina Tübingen
  • 2000–2004  Doctor at KKH Bad Friedrichshall - Cardiology
  • 05.01.2005  Medical Doctor at Uni Tübingen – Sports Medicine
  • 2005–2007  Doctor at KH with Red Cross Kreuz Stuttgart - Gastro/Pulmology
  • 2007–2009  Assistant Doctor- Medical Specialist at Eichert Clinic – Cardiology
  • since 2009 full time nursing service manager for cardio pulmonary resuscitation at home 24

Secondary activities 

  • 1991–2000  Hospital Bad Cannstatt
  • 1998–1999  Personal fitness instructor
  • 2003–2005  Team doctor for Tour de France
  • 2004  Sports doctor for Heilbronn marathon
  • 2007  Sports doctor at Roland Garros