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Your reliable intensive care and cardio pulmonary
resuscitation service at home supported by doctors.
Info-Hotline (Germany)
Phone 0711 2807173

Taken care of in the best possible way – Day after day, with every breath you take.

From one second to another everything changed. During a bike ride Eberhard B. (60) suffered a stroke and fell into a coma. His wife Martina B. would never send her husband to a nursing home. After an interview, Medicus24 has, in consultation with the treating doctor, taken care of the patient room equipment and regulated the takeover of costs by health insurance. Because: with Medicus24 patients and members of family do not have to pay extra costs. 

What can we do for you? We will gladly inform you of our services and possibilities in a personal conversation. 

Basic services at a glance:  

  • 24-hour on-call service with medical assistance
  • Cardio pulmonary resuscitation at home for patients who need cardio pulmonary resuscitation with various diseases, for example Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), persistent vegetative state, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), pneumonia, respiratory insufficiency, stroke (Apoplex)
  • 24-hour care
  • Night duty
  • Health care
  • Entrenal nutrition
  • ECG
  • Laboratory tests
  • Mobile ultrasound diagnostics
  • Acute care after inpatient hospitalization
  • Optimization of cardio pulmonary resuscitation